Customs & Brokerage

ILS has its own broker, and that helps customers to understand that we take care of all of their needs.

It take us minimum times to clear shipments, and customer never have to worry about any delays.

The process itself is extremely simply and easy to follow; this keeps customers at ease, because they are sure their products are well looked after:

  • Filing of proper customs declaration
  • Ensuring that the information reflected on the customs declaration is accurate, specifically the followings:
  1. Company name and official customs registration information.
  2. Importer code.
  3. Value of the goods & currency.
  4. Country of origin of the goods.
  5. Harmonized Tariff code of the goods.
  6. Weight, quantity & unit of measure.
  7. Items description must match the exemption of the client, whenever is applicable.

  • Ensure to fulfill the customs clearance inspection requirements.
  • Ensuring compliance to applicable import or export permit or license is in place if commodity is restricted for import or export.
  • Ensuring compliance on declaration of import and export permits as per shipping documents provided by Panalpina or their customers.