International Logistics Solutions

ILS is a privately held logistics company specializing in catering to international companies through offering the latest solutions that ensure efficiency, dependability, etc.

About Us

International Logistics Solutions comes with combined experience of over 30 years in the industry; specializing in logistics and offering unrivaled support for logistics needs. We provide international companies with services that cover transportation, shipping, storage, etc. for forwarding and logistical needs. We aim to deal with our partners and client on a very personal level in an effective and efficient approach to ensure that we have the solution sought after.

As the world continues to shrink, and become more of a global village it is important to understand that dynamics required to stay ahead of the curve in the field of logistics. Our vast network of partners enables us to play a lead role in executing our project in a timely fashion and achieving excellent feedback and referral.

We are based in the Western region of Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah on Asfan Road. We are located near the airport and all major roads leading in and out of Jeddah. Our unique location gives us an advantage in that our management team is nearby, and only a stones throw away if and when needed.

Our facilities sit a very large plot of land and include the latest in technology. We cater to specialist and international companies. We aim to meet demand, requirements and inquiries; and above all satisfaction.


Our mission is to provide world class quality services and solutions to all of our partners & clients. We wish to offer a unique service that provides them exactly what they are looking for in terms of reliability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, etc.


Our commitment to our partners & clients is unwavering, because we aim to provide the best quality of services and solutions. We provide a 360 degree service to ensure that we have taken all into consideration before embarking and starting.

We maintain a very close relationship with our partners & clients with the aim of achieving success for them before us. Their success is our success; it is necessary to see everything through to fruition, and continue to build on this success.

We are only a call or a message away, and never hesitate to respond to inquiries in the fastest time. Do not think twice about contacting us; we are here for YOU.