Total Solutions

International Logistics Solutions prides itself in being able to offer total solutions related to logistical needs. We are able to provide services at the airport and take care of all customs clearance related duties. Our brokerage team can handle any shipments that need to be cleared with completed documents. Our warehouse is fully equipped and able to handle segregating received shipments and dispatching them to clients; including packaging, storage, etc. Please review the areas below and the specifics sections for more details and information.

Warehouse & Storage

ILS site is near the airport and covers a very large area. This enables us to store and manage shipments without any concerns. We also use the latest technologies available so that we match the international requirements and guidelines.

Airfreight Management & Cargo

ILS manages entire operations to support partners and clients to ease the process of dealing with the overall management cycle. This assists companies by giving more opportunity to focus on more important aspect of their business.


ILS manages point to point routes to guarantee that shipments are received in the best time. 


ILS takes care of all relevant information required to manage projects. We empower our partners & clients with the necessary tools and resources to accomplish their goals.

Customs & Brokerage

ILS deals with all local affairs and makes sure to expedite processes to maximize earning potential by making the most of time involved in clearing shipments.